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Programs: KINSC Summer Stipend

In order to support external research and academically-oriented service projects, the KINSC funds summer stipends, which were established to strengthen and maintain relationships with institutions outside Haverford nationally and internationally. This stipend program complements existing opportunities for summer research for students in faculty science labs at Haverford.

The KINSC summer stipends provide financial support for students who are able to secure unpaid off-campus laboratory research or public policy internships that have a significant natural science component. The KINSC is particularly interested in supporting summer internships that build upon the student's learning from previous coursework or mentored research, and that will enhance opportunities for learning and scholarly research in the future. Applications require a detailed project proposal written by the student and a letter of support from the prospective off-campus research or internship mentor, as well as from a Haverford faculty member. Applications for summer stipends are reviewed by the KINSC Steering Committee.

Summer 2013 Stipend Recipients

  • Jonah Binstock '14 - The Effects of Wnt11 in Normal Cutaneous Wound Repair, University of Pennsylvania
  • Bob Bollinger '15 - Pediatric Multivalent Vaccine Analysis, University of Maryland
  • Meg Boyer '14 - Personality Psychology Research, University of Michigan
  • Alec De Vivo '14 - Functional Analysis of the ion channel CLHM-1, University of Pennsylvania
  • Katie Elbert '14 - Fabrication and Characterization of Thin Film Transistors, Columbia University
  • Eric Helm '15 - Pax5 Movement in B-cell Differentiation, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • Erica Hopkins '14 - Statistical Analysis of the COLD GASS Survey, University of Heidelberg
  • Daniel Montgomery '14 - Perceived Plausibility of Future Experiences in the Elderly, Harvard University
  • Katie Ulrich '14 - Discourses of Biofuels in Brazil, University of Sao Paulo

Summer 2012 Stipend Recipients

  • Kevin Caulfield ‘13 - The Neural Correlates of Allocentric and Egocentric Neglect, University of Pennsylvania
  • Pita Gomez ’14 - FRONTERA Border Health Scholars Program, University of Arizona
  • Michael Iannacone ‘14 - Mediation of the Pinocchio Illusion, University of Pennsylvania
  • Rachael Kantor ’14 - Radiation Induced Changes in Cell Surface Marker Expression in Breast Cancer Stem Cells, Columbia University
  • Allie Lake ’14 - The Neuroscience of Mood Disorders, Columbia University
  • Peter McNally ’13 - Psychology Research: Fostering Self Control, University of Pennsylvania
  • Christie Quake ’13 - The Nadeau Laboratory Experience, Stanford School of Medicine
  • Greg Whitehill ’13 - Immune Response and Novel Treatment Methods in Multiple Myeloma, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Jennie Willemsen ’15 - Molecular Recognition and Biological Function at Water-Bilayer Interfaces, Hamilton College
  • Susan Xia ’13 - Mathematics REUP, University of Michigan

Summer 2011 stipend recipients

  • Joseph Carpenter - Primate Behavior Observing-Ecuador and Argentina
  • Eleanor Durfee - Ecology and Insect Research, Cornell University
  • Miriam Fuchs - Astronomy Research, Boston University
  • Daniel Giovannelli - Gaze Tracking Analysis-Center for Autism Research CHOP
  • Rosemary Henn - Neuroscience Research, Johns Hopkins University
  • Zef Konst - Synthetic Organic Chemistry Research, Yale University
  • Abigail Novick - Vision Sciences Laboratory, Harvard University
  • Martin Richard - Environmental Chemistry Research, Harvard University
  • Zachary Smith - Human Performance Laboratory-Uniformed Services University
  • Andrew Sturner - Astrophysics Research, Harvard University

Summer 2010 stipend recipients

  • Zoe Becker '12 - Family Health project, Chicago, Illinois
  • Jennifer Campbell '11 - Astronomy research, Yale
  • Genna Cherichello '11 - Music Cognition, Neurosciences Institute, San Diego
  • Kelley Neil '12 - Public Health project, the Lourdes Center
  • Emily Northrop '13 - Environmental Science, Harvard University
  • Abigail Novick '12 - Learning Disability research
  • Brian Pepe-Mooney '10 - Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering research in Turkey
  • Elizabeth Willis '13 - Sea turtle conservation, Greece
  • Amanda Zheutlin '11 - Psychology research, University of Washington

Summer 2009 stipend recipients

  • Lindsay McCormick ’10 - Oakland Children's Hospital
  • Justin Sears ’10 - DAAD Rise Internship, Aachen, Germany
  • Fiona Shaw ’10 - Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania
  • Matt Stern ’11 - Department of Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania


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