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The exterior of the rotunda of the KINSC.

The Marian E. Koshland Integrated Natural Sciences Center (KINSC) catalyzes and facilitates programs that maintain Haverford’s position at the leading edge of academic excellence in the sciences.

To this end, the KINSC promotes scientific scholarship involving close collaboration between faculty and students and provides opportunities for these collaborations to expand beyond the borders of the Haverford campus.

The KINSC is unique among Haverford’s three academic centers in that it is both a building and a program. The 185,000 square-foot building is the epicenter of natural science research at Haverford. It was constructed to facilitate sharing of instruments, methodology, and expertise across disciplines and to contribute to a climate of cooperative problem solving and investigation.

The KINSC comprises the departments of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Mathematics and Statistics, and Computer Science. To supplement the efforts of the departments, the KINSC supports interdisciplinary dialogue and collaborations. In addition to directly funding students and faculty, the Center supports academic activities initiated with outside grants and individual faculty awards.

The programming and funding functions of the Center support the faculty and students of these departments as well as others within the college who wish to pursue research in the sciences. The KINSC funds individual research projects and also sponsors symposia, curricular initiatives, courses, and scholarly projects that go beyond the bounds of a single discipline and involve students and faculty from multiple departments.

Judy Owen

Judy Owen

KINSC Director
Elizabeth Ufford Green Professor of Natural Sciences, Professor of Biology

KINSC by the numbers: 2014

Activity Participants
International Research Travel 5
KINSC Summer Scholars 14
Attend off-campus conferences 23
Academic year research with faculty 79
Summer research with faculty 89

* Student research opportunities are funded through the KINSC and through individual faculty grants from the NSF, NIH, and other agencies. Some students take advantage of multiple funding opportunities.

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Faculty supervising student researchers


Science majors who graduate with advanced research experience

$5 Million+

External Funding for research being done by our natural science faculty