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Imaging in Science Faculty Seminar

In the Fall of 2007 Haverford's HHMI grant and TriCo Mellon Foundation are funding a semester-long faculty development seminar on Imaging in Science.  This seminar is open to TriCo faculty (Haverford, Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore Colleges) in all fields of study, including the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.  To reflect these diverse perspectives, we are organizing several different events (see below) to allow us to discuss these issues as faculty, to learn from visiting scholars and to bring to our campuses visitors who can communicate to us new skills and techniques.  More extensive details can be found on the Blackboard Course, including posted articles, links, and schedules. The course title is HHMI Imaging in Science Faculty Development Seminar. If you are not enrolled in the course and would like to be, please contact Suzanne Amador Kane (

Individual faculty can elect to attend one or more of these activities.  For regular attendees, we will be able to provide a modest stipend (the exact amount to be determined by the number attending.)

1)  Workshops and speakers on new techniques for scientific imaging, including guest speakers on brain imaging, new techniques for molecular visualization, uses of tomography in physics research, among others.  There will also be off-campus conferences and workshops of interest that this funding could enable. 

2) A series of conversations on scientific imaging taking off from texts in various fields of science and in science studies.

3) An exhibition of scientific images in the Haverford College Cantor-Fitzgerald Gallery by noted Harvard and MIT photographer of science Felice Frankel, to be held in conjunction with a juried exhibit of scientific images submitted by TriCo science faculty and students.  Ms. Frankel will also give a gallery talk and workshop as part of her visit.

The organizers are Suzanne Amador Kane, Haverford College Physics and Amy Slaton, Drexel University History of Science and Technology.

Please contact Suzanne Amador Kane ( for further details.