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  • Courtney Asare
    Courtney Asare '15

    Hi! My name is Courtney Asare, and I’m a rising senior and International Studies major. I currently reside in the suburbs of Philadelphia, but I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and lived in Ghana for five years during my childhood. You can find me on campus working in the Deans’ Office and working on class assignments in the Office of Academic Resources (OAR). I look forward to meeting you, and please feel free to contact me any time.

    Anna Bullard-Werner
    Anna Bullard-Werner '15

    Hi there, my name is Anna and I grew up in Germany as the daughter of an American mom and a German dad. I'm very interested in different cultures and spent this last year studying abroad in Shanghai as well as in Paris. I’m super excited to be back at Haverford this fall and look forward to meeting you soon!

    Claire-Marie Caseau
    Claire-Marie Caseau '15

    Hi, I am Claire-Marie. I am Franco-American from Versailles. I am a rising senior majoring in Biology with a concentration in Biochemistry, so if you need to find me, the science building is a good place to start looking. Beyond that, I like hanging out in Philly, getting really early breakfast, dancing, and going to all the FAB events. Excited to meet you in August!

    Ming-Fui Chai
    Ming-Fui Chai '15

    Hi everyone, my name is Ming-Fui and I am absolutely thrilled to be welcoming all of you to Haverford! I was born in Michigan but grew up in Singapore. I study Philosophy and Political Science but would like to work in international development and climate change. My interests have been shaped by my study abroad experience - I spent one year at the University of Oxford where I studied international development, was involved in weather consulting work (I love meteorology!) as well as met lots of fantastic people, including ex-Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. During the long breaks that we have in Oxford, I traveled to Scandinavia to see Northern Lights and Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (I love the outdoors!). At Haverford, I have been Officer of Multiculturalism, Ambassador for Multicultural Awareness (AMA), and President of International Student Association (ISA).

    Nick Kyriakoglou
    Nick Kyriakoglou '16

    Greetings! My name is Nick, I am a rising junior and an international student from Greece, with some German and American roots as well. This year will be my third year participating in ISO and once again, I am really looking forward to it. My intended major is political science and my interests are mainly focused on transitional justice and institution building in post-conflict societies. In my free time I like to visit places that I haven't seen before, even if it's only a small neighborhood. I'm also a huge coffee enthusiast, an avid 90s hip hop fan and a very proud Greek. Last but not least, I will be spending the year abroad at London School of Economics (LSE) in London, but nevertheless I hope I can help as much as possible in the time that I am there. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

    Katrina Leung
    Katrina Leung '15

    你好!My name is Katrina Leung and I am a rising senior from the lively city of Hong Kong (香港). I am currently a Psychology major and Dance minor, as well as a Pre-Med student. On campus I am a member of an acapella group called the Outskirts, and I also partake in a number of dance clubs and classes on Haverford’s and Bryn Mawr's campuses. When I am not twirling, ba-ba-ing or working in a lab, I love traveling/exploring, eating, and watching (at points too much) TV. Haverford is a wonderful place and I can't wait to introduce it to you all!

    Emmanuel Mbudu
    Emmanuel Mbudu '15

    My name is Emmanuel Mbudu, and I am a senior from Zimbabwe. I look forward to International Student Orientation every year because I always meet a diverse mix of interesting people from different parts of the globe. I look forward to making their transition into the Haverford community as smooth as possible. I keenly play electric bass whenever I am not studying for my Anthropology classes.

    Peco Myint
    Peco Myint '15

    Hi! I am Peco, an international student from Myanmar (Burma). I am also a rising senior, majoring in Physics. Last year I was in England, and now I am back to very-much-missed Haverford and doing nanoscale research throughout this whole summer. I am also part of International Student Association (ISA) and the Tri-College South-East-Asia Student Association (SEASA). This is going to be my last chance to participate in ISO, so I am very excited to meet you all! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

    Carlos Vergne
    Carlos Vergne '17

    Hey class of 2018! My name is Carlos and I am a sophomore. I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I love playing soccer and enjoy exploring the beautiful city of Philadelphia. I am also involved in many activities on campus, such as club soccer, M.U.N., and mixed martial arts. Currently, I am yet to decide my major, however, I will probably minor in Chinese. I am very excited to meet you guys! If you have any questions feel free to email me!

    Catherine Wen
    Catherine Wen '15

    Hi guys! My name is Catherine Wen, and I'm from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I'm a senior this year and have just returned from an incredible year abroad in Melbourne, Australia! My major is Physics with an interdisciplinary engineering component, but there are honestly too many things I'd love to study. On campus, I work in the Admissions Office as well as the CPGC Cafe. If you ever catch me in my free time, I'll probably be baking...or talking about food. I absolutely love traveling and learning about different cultures (and their cuisines) and am always keen for a Philly trip. I'm super excited to be involved with ISO this year, so feel free to contact me or find me on campus for a chat!

    Tina Zhuo
    Tina Zhuo '15

    My name is Tina Zhuo, and I am a rising senior with a Political Science major and a Chinese minor. I hail from California's San Francisco Bay Area, but I was born in Pennsylvania and lived in North and South Carolina for several years, and my parents and older sister moved to the U.S. from China before I was born. This will be my second year both as an ISRP and as an intern in the International Student Services Office (ISSO), so you get to visit Denise and me in one go during the year. In addition to the ISSO, you can also find me around campus at an EarthQuakers meeting, DJing my radio show on, planning Haverfest and other on-campus events, lounging in the grass on a nice day, and occasionally studying.

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