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  • Lu Chen
    Lu Chen ‘17

    Hi! My name is Lu Chen. I was born in Fuzhou, China but now I live in New Jersey. I'm a rising junior, majoring in Biology and potentially minoring in health studies. I am somewhat on the Pre-med track because I am considering going to Pharmacy School after Haverford. I LOVE white rice. I feel happy just eating a bowl of plain white rice. I enjoy watching movies with friends and am always looking for movie recommendations from different countries. This is my 2nd year as ISRP so I'm super excited! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to chat! See you in August!

    Bereket Gebregziabher
    Bereket Gebregziabher ‘18

    Hi everyone, my name is Bereket Gebregziabher, and I am from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am a sophomore who is potentially majoring in Chemistry. I am a sports (especially soccer) enthusiast, and I try to partake in a lot of activities at Haverford in my free time. I am a member of the Sons of Africa (S.O.A), Cancer Sucks!!! And Haverford Investment Groups. I love travelling, snow sledding and reading about politics. I am very excited to meet all of you! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

    Zhongtian Guan
    Zhongtian Guan ‘18

    Friends! Welcome to Haverford. I am Zhongtian Guan (Jeffrey) from Class of 2018. I will choose Mathematics or Philosophy as my major. I was born and grew up in China before attending three years of high school in Maryland. With an enthusiastic yet reticent personality, I enjoy watching comedy and independent films, listening to all kinds of music (with a concentration on piano jazz, classical and rock music), playing soccer, and sharing my thoughts with friends on books I read. Starting off my sophomore year, I will be a tutor for incarcerated men and women through the Petey Greene Program. Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions, concerns, or anything that appeals to you. I look forward to meeting you in August.

    Ann-Victoria Isaac
    Ann-Victoria Isaac ’18

    My name is Ann-Victoria Isaac. I am a freshman. I am originally from Haiti and I have been living in the States for 2 years and a half now. This year is my first year participating in ISO at Haverford College and this is my first year working as an intern at the International Student Office. I intend to major in Biology, minor in the public Health and I also plan to follow the pre-med track. On campus I am the Co-Secretary of the Student Council, the treasurer of the Questbridge Scholar Network, the Dorm Resource person in Barclay and I work at the Chemistry and Biology labs. When I am not studying or working, you can find me practicing my not-so-good piano skills, lounging in the grass in front of Barclay and exploring the different restaurants around campus. I look forward to working with all of you this year.

    Aleks Jarosz
    Aleks Jarosz ’18

    Hello! I’m Aleks Jarosz, a rising sophomore and an international student from Poland. I am on the pre-med track, still unsure about my major. Outside of class you can meet me behind the circulation desk of the Science Library in the KINSC, where I work as a student assistant librarian. I am extremely excited to meet you all during the ISO. See you in August!!!

    Maryna Khromava
    Maryna Khromava '16

    Hi, friends! My name is Maryna Khromava, and I am a rising senior at Haverford. I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY, but I lived in Brest, Belarus for 16 years before my family came to U.S. At Haverford, I major in Chemistry with a Biochemistry concentration. When I am not in a lab, you will probably find me hanging out with my friends, cooking, or taking pictures of everything and everywhere. I like to travel, and I spent my last summer in Marseille, France working at the research lab. On campus, I am a TA for a General Chemistry laboratory, so if any of you plan to take Chemistry in fall, I will greet you there!

    Matthew Liu
    Matthew Liu '18

    Hey there. My name is Matthew Liu, and I’m a rising sophomore. I was born in Texas, but lived most of my life in Hong Kong. I used to be your typical teenager, who enjoyed playing computer games and hanging out with friends. However, after coming to Haverford, I became a man. Now, I enjoy midnight strolls around the duck pond, where I usually write my daily haiku. For lighter readings, I enjoy the companies of Nietzsche and Descartes. And when I’m not busy studying Thoretical Physics or Chaos Theory, I’m usually meditating in a dimly lit room. As you can clearly see, I am very excited to meet you all.

    Yabin Lu
    Yabin Lu '17

    Hi friends! My name is Yabin Lu, and I’m a rising junior at Haverford from Shanghai, China. I will probably be a physics major and astrophysics minor, though I am still looking for ways to incorporate my interests in design/engineering and philosophy into my major. I am also part of International Students Association, Haverford Asian Students Association and Haverford Students for Justice in Palestine. On campus, you can also find me wander on Founders Green looking at the blue sky or waiting for the sunset. I am looking forward to enjoying the nature with you at Haverford!

    Ishaan Prinz
    Ishaan Prinz '18

    Hi, I am Ishaan and am a freshman. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts with German and Indian roots and have lived abroad in Germany, India and most recently Singapore since then. I am an avid sports fan and play tennis, cricket, soccer and golf in my free time. I play on the tennis team here at Haverford so you are likely to find me hitting balls on the courts in the afternoons! I also love eating, travelling and experiencing new cultures and traditions. My academic interests include Psychology and Philosophy, but I am still undecided about my major. The ISO program is a great way of getting to know people from all over the world, and I really look forward to meeting you in the fall!

    Miriam Perez-Putnam
    Miriam Perez-Putnam '16

    Hi! My name is Miriam Perez-Putnam. I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan then grew up in Costa Rica before moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I went to boarding school in Boston and am now a rising senior French major with a Middle Eastern Studies concentration and an Education minor. On campus I'm an intern at the Office of Multicultural Affairs, but I also enjoy watching all Haverford sporting events, long brunches in the dining center, and drinking more coffee than recommended. I'm so excited to meet you!!

    Ioannis Rutledge
    Ioannis Rutledge '18

    Hello everyone! My name is Ioannis Rutledge and I am a Greek American. I grew up in Kavala, Greece. I am a rising sophomore, and probably a math and econ double major. In my free time, you will most likely to find me playing either soccer or basketball. Also, I like going to Philly, and watching NBA games! At Haverford, I am Secretary for Quest Bridge. This is going to be my first time being an ISRP, and as an ISO myself, I am thrilled to be meeting all of you in August! I can hardly wait to learn more about you and your culture!

    Keisuke Sawada
    Keisuke Sawada '17

    Hi there my name is Keisuke Sawada, and I am a rising junior and biology major. I was born in Japan, grew up in the US, and went back to Japan for high school before coming to Haverford. I enjoy the anticipation of delicious food when I am heading to the Dining Center. Besides that I also enjoy playing tennis, and you can often see me on the courts. I am very excited to meet you guys! If you have any questions feel free to email me!

    Carlos Vergne
    Carlos Vergne '17

    Hey class of 2019! My name is Carlos and I am a Junior. I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I love playing soccer and enjoy exploring the beautiful city of Philadelphia. I am also involved in many activities on campus, such as club soccer, M.U.N., and mixed martial arts. Currently, I have yet to decide my major. However, I will probably minor in Chinese. I am very excited to meet you guys! If you have any questions feel free to email me!

    Rosalind Xu
    Rosalind Xu '18

    Salvete! (Hello everyone in Classical Latin). My name is Rosalind (Jiaming) Xu, a rising sophomore from Nanjing, China. currently I am considering Chemistry and Mathematics major. Outside of academics, I also enjoy traveling, exploring nature and folk dancing (though I cannot say I am very good at that:). When I came to Haverford one year earlier, it was my absolute first time in United States (oops) and I did encounter a number of problems; however, as it turned out Haverford is a welcoming place for y'all, and you can always find your own place in this small and lovely community. I am looking forward to meeting you at ISO, introducing Haverford to you guys and helping you conquer the problems you might have. However, feel free to reach out to me before that time. Valete! (guess what it means?)

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