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View more photos from the 2012 Dorm Olympics and Customs in the Haverblog. Photo: Thom Carroll. View more photos from the 2012 Dorm Olympics and Customs in the Haverblog. Photo: Thom Carroll.

Then & Now: Dorm Olympics Now

Then & Now: Dorm Olympics The combined forces of the freshmen from the Haverford College Apartments, Tritton Hall and Kim Hall (competing under the newly created moniker South Campus) proved unbeatable at this year’s Dorm Olympics. Missed yesterday’s photo? See … Continue reading

Members of the Class of 1998 participate in Dorm Olympics If you can put a name to any of these faces from the Class of 1998 (or tell us who won that year), send a note to hc-editor@haverford.edu.

Then & Now: Dorm Olympics

Then & Now: Dorm Olympics Team HCA, representing the Haverford College Apartments, whoops it up at the 1994 Dorm Olympics. Come back tomorrow to see Dorm Olympics “Now”.

customs shirt The back of a Customs Person's tshirt. Jacob Lowy '14 shared an insider's look at Customs Week 2011 in the Haverblog.

Customs at Haverford

Welcome Class of 2016 Customs Week is Haverford College’s orientation program designed to introduce all first-year students to college life at Haverford.

Founders Bell Seniors celebrate the last day of exams by ringing—and signing—the bell in the cupola on Founders Hall.


Traditions Each year, Fords look forward to the myriad traditional events such as the Collection speaker series; frequent a cappella concerts; pinwheel day; the annual weekend throwdown at the end of the year called Haverfest; and, most importantly, Fall and … Continue reading

Then & Now: Haverfest Now The central location; the vast, gently sloping open space; the potential audience in the library, eager for a break—who can blame our musicians for wanting to tune up, plug in and rock out?

Then & Now: Haverfest Now

Then & Now: Haverfest When a band called The Original Mavericks took the stage at Haverfest 2011, they continued a long tradition of performing on the steps of Founders, one that goes back at least as far as the 1960s. … Continue reading

Then & Now: Haverfest Alumni wrote in to help us put names on the figures in the picture, including that of philosophy professor Aryeh Kosman on the guitar. Read their recollections in the Fall 2011 issue of HAVERFORD magazine in the letters to the editor section.

Then & Now: Haverfest

Then & Now: Haverfest This vintage 1967 pic was snapped on a warm, early spring day only months before the celebrated Summer of Love. Come back tomorrow to see Haverfest “Now”.

Photo by Richard Weisgrau Photo by Richard Weisgrau

Spin the day away

Pinwheel Day 2012 There are few things that we look forward to more than a beautiful, warm day on the Haverford campus… except maybe a beautiful, warm day on the Haverford campus with hundred of pinwheels. It’s Pinwheel Day! Spin … Continue reading

Pinwheel Day Pinwheel Day, which is meant to celebrate the beginning of spring, is a beloved, mysterious tradition.

Spring Break

Spring Break Friday, March 2—Monday, March 12, 2012 The Haverford campus is the oldest planned college landscape in the country. Our meticulously maintained 200 acres contain a nature trail, a Pinetum and flower gardens.

Lloyd Lights, 2011 Lloyd decorated for the season, 2011. Photo by Jonathan Yu '12.

Lloyd Lights

The denizens of Lloyd Hall have once again festooned each entry with lights in celebration of the season. Time to cast your non-binding (but fun anyway) vote for best effort.