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View more photos from the 2012 Dorm Olympics and Customs in the Haverblog. Photo: Thom Carroll. View more photos from the 2012 Dorm Olympics and Customs in the Haverblog. Photo: Thom Carroll.

Then & Now: Dorm Olympics Now

Then & Now: Dorm Olympics The combined forces of the freshmen from the Haverford College Apartments, Tritton Hall and Kim Hall (competing under the newly created moniker South Campus) proved unbeatable at this year’s Dorm Olympics. Missed yesterday’s photo? See … Continue reading

Members of the Class of 1998 participate in Dorm Olympics If you can put a name to any of these faces from the Class of 1998 (or tell us who won that year), send a note to hc-editor@haverford.edu.

Then & Now: Dorm Olympics

Then & Now: Dorm Olympics Team HCA, representing the Haverford College Apartments, whoops it up at the 1994 Dorm Olympics. Come back tomorrow to see Dorm Olympics “Now”.

Plenary Now Plenary Fall 2011, Debbie Leter '15. "This was probably the shortest Plenary ever," commented SC Co-President Florencia Foxley '13.

Then & Now: Plenary Now

Then & Now: Plenary Students at Fall Plenary in 2011 were concerned with establishing an Honor Council liaison with Bryn Mawr; the campus alcohol policy; and allowing Honor Council juries to seek outside consultants. Missed yesterday’s photo? See the plenary … Continue reading

Plenary Then This photo from 1985 shows Plenary as held in Roberts Hall. Currently, the Gardner Integrated Athletic Center hosts Plenary.

Then & Now: Plenary

Then & Now: Plenary When students came to Roberts Hall for Spring Plenary in February 1985, resolutions included guidelines for the publication of Honor Council abstracts; ratification of the Honor Code; and a proposal that the College …[purchase] “new and … Continue reading

Dining Center Haverford's dining service strives to reflect Haverford itself: small and intimate, with students' passions driving the food scene.

Then & Now: Dining Now

Then & Now: Dining The Dining Center opened in 1969, moving students into a modern era for food service at the College. Today the DC’s kitchen composts pre-consumer food waste and sources organic and local foods. Missed yesterday’s photo? See … Continue reading