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Jacob Lowy '14 shows a tour group around campus. Jacob Lowy '14 shows a tour group around campus.

Then & Now: Campus Visits Now

Then & Now: Campus Visits Today, well over 15,000 prospective students and their families come to Haverford each year for campus tours conducted by a troupe of 30 student guides who volunteer for the Admission office. Missed yesterday’s photo? See … Continue reading

Lunt Concert Do you recall a particularly memorable night of music in Lunt, its precursor Jones Café, or in The Crypt during your time at Haverford? Tell us about it! Photo: Brad Larrison.

Then & Now: Concerts Now

Then & Now: Concerts Now In February, the Baltimore band Chiffon played for students in the basement of Lunt, which is home to a student-run café and a performance space that hosts the Federation United Concert Series. Missed yesterday’s photo? … Continue reading

Founders, Now Founders Hall is the original academic building of the college and was built in 1833.

Then & Now: Founders Green Now

Then & Now: Founders Green Founders Hall houses the President’s office, Institutional Advancement, classrooms and faculty offices and the Great Hall, which hosts myriad social functions. Missed yesterday’s photo? See what the green looked like “Then”.

Students using the confocal microscope. Shanaye Jeffers, Faraz Sohail and Kaitlyn Shank, all Class of 2012, in their Bio300 class, aka "Super Lab."

Then & Now: Microscopes Now

Then & Now: Microscopes A $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation brought several high-tech instruments to campus. Among them is this confocal microscope, which employs a laser beam to produce high-quality images. Missed yesterday’s photo? See microscopes back … Continue reading

Students at their Microscopes In 1919, the opening of Sharpless Hall brought what were then state of the art science facilities to the College, illustrated in this circa 1925 photo from the College Archives titled "Students at their microscopes."

Then & Now: Microscopes

Then & Now: Microscopes By the mid-1880s scientific labs were crowding out space in Founders once reserved for natural history museum specimens. Come back tomorrow to see “Now”.

The Skate House Now The Skate House, pictured here in 2008, was altered from its original design after a 1979 fire.

Then & Now: The Skate House Now

Then & Now: The Skate House The Skate House hasn’t seen any actual skaters for decades. But it’s still in use, booked for receptions and student events such as club meetings and even poetry readings. Missed yesterday’s photo? See the … Continue reading

View more photos from the 2012 Dorm Olympics and Customs in the Haverblog. Photo: Thom Carroll. View more photos from the 2012 Dorm Olympics and Customs in the Haverblog. Photo: Thom Carroll.

Then & Now: Dorm Olympics Now

Then & Now: Dorm Olympics The combined forces of the freshmen from the Haverford College Apartments, Tritton Hall and Kim Hall (competing under the newly created moniker South Campus) proved unbeatable at this year’s Dorm Olympics. Missed yesterday’s photo? See … Continue reading

Members of the Class of 1998 participate in Dorm Olympics If you can put a name to any of these faces from the Class of 1998 (or tell us who won that year), send a note to hc-editor@haverford.edu.

Then & Now: Dorm Olympics

Then & Now: Dorm Olympics Team HCA, representing the Haverford College Apartments, whoops it up at the 1994 Dorm Olympics. Come back tomorrow to see Dorm Olympics “Now”.

Plenary Now Plenary Fall 2011, Debbie Leter '15. "This was probably the shortest Plenary ever," commented SC Co-President Florencia Foxley '13.

Then & Now: Plenary Now

Then & Now: Plenary Students at Fall Plenary in 2011 were concerned with establishing an Honor Council liaison with Bryn Mawr; the campus alcohol policy; and allowing Honor Council juries to seek outside consultants. Missed yesterday’s photo? See the plenary … Continue reading