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James House This shot, from the 2009 art show Nudes by Ryan Cameron, shows the space before decorating its walls became part of its art-making mission. See the new and improved James House. This image is part of our Flashback Friday series on Facebook.

Art on Campus

James House is a student-governed home for the arts, open to all members of the Haverford community, at all hours of the day. The space is a comfortable, relaxed place for art-inclined students to hang out.

Frisco Railroad Box Car Walker Evans, Frisco Railroad Box Car, 1956-57

Railroad Photography Exhibitions

Railroad Photography Exhibits October 21-December 4, 2011 Openings: October 28 6 p.m. Walker Evans in Color Atrium Gallery, Marshall Fine Arts Center The Railroad in the Landscape Magill Library, The Alcove Gallery Learn more >