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Greeks in Egypt

The role of the diaspora in modern Greece’s development remains at the forefront of the concerns of Greek historiography. I chose to focus on the Greeks in Egypt because they were one of the most important diaspora communities from the early C19th to the mid-C20th and also because my father’s side of the family had been in Egypt for three generations. I began with a master’s thesis at Keele University under the guidance of Paul Rolo, a diplomatic historian, on the community’s attitudes to Greek politics during WW II. I then moved on to St. Antony’s College, Oxford where I embarked on a doctoral dissertation that examined the Greek community’s reactions to the rise of Egyptian nationalism between 1919 and 1937, the year the privileges accorded to foreigners began being dismantled. I completed the D.Phil. in 1984 thanks to the guidance of Roger Owen and Albert Hourani, and it was subsequently published under the title “The Greeks in Egypt: Ethnicity & Class, 1919-1937.” My future plans include writing a historical account of the Greeks in Egypt from the early C19th to the mid-C20th.


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