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Research & Publications

My research and publications reflect a wide-ranging engagement with the history of modern Greek identity. I have identified and focused on three dimensions of Greekness. The first is its cultural definition and the ways it informs the history of key diaspora communities, the Greeks in modern Egypt – the subject of my doctoral dissertation - and the Greek Americans, along with their interrelationship with their homeland. As I expanded my scope and began considering the ways Greece itself related to its diaspora communities, I realized that the cultural definitions of Greekness co-exist with a pervading sense of continuity with Classical Greece and a strong yet unfulfilled quest for modernity modeled on a European ideal. I have explored these aspects of Greekness by examining nineteenth century definitions of Greekness, the attitudes towards Jewish Greeks during WWII, and the meaning of sports in Greek society - especially the Olympic Games. My publications focusing on these three key dimensions of Greek identity are listed under the relevant topic heading and include scholarly articles as well as articles published in magazines or in web-sites.