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Haverford College
Department of History

Alumni News

Celine Tobal '06:

I ultimately decided to study History at Haverford because I am interested in public policy and the study of the past is necessary for evaluating current situations and how to best improve them. This led me to write my thesis on how President Bachelet’s election had the possibility of closing historical divides in Chile. I knew that after Haverford, I wanted to pursue a career in education policy, specifically regarding student achievement. Because I originally considered following this career through studying law, I worked as a paralegal for a year at Sidley Austin LLP. While it was a great experience, I realized that I wanted to work more directly with education. In order to have a better understanding of the complexities inherent in solving the achievement gap, I began teaching at Washington Middle School for Girls (WMSG), an urban Catholic school. This year, I have both learned a lot and been challenged by my students. Next year, I will have the opportunity to gain a further understanding of the issues that I encountered at WMSG through the Education Policy and Management program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. You can contact Celine at

Brandon Auerbach '07:

Brandon is studying medicine and public health at Harvard University. He will graduate with MD and MPH degrees in 2012. Haverford's Center for Peace and Global Citizenship supported Brandon to spend two summers in Eastern Burma (Myanmar), where he worked with indigenous health workers to prevent and treat malaria in a civil conflict zone. Brandon studied Latin American History with Professor Jim Krippner and the History of Science and Medicine with Professor Darin Hayton, and credits majoring in history with making him an eclectic, and successful, medical school applicant. “Before entering Haverford I only read non-fiction. Studying history gave me a new love of reading literature for pleasure. Reading modern literature--I especially like novels from Latin America--is like reading our generation's best primary sources.” You can contact Brandon at