Health Studies Minor Requirements

  • A multidisciplinary introductory course taught by two faculty from different divisions
  • Three core courses, one from each of three areas:
    Two of these courses must be elected from a Department outside of the student's major and at least two of the courses should be at the non-introductory level.
    • Cultural and literary representations of health and illness (e.g. Medical Anthropology).
    • Responses of familial, social, civic and governmental structures to issues of health and disease (e.g. History of Medicine in Africa).
    • The mechanisms of disease and the maintenance of the healthy body (e.g. Neuroscience of Mental Illness).
  • One additional course, selected from among the core courses, or a list of affiliate courses. (Affiliated courses deal with health issues, but not necessarily as the primary focus.)
  • A capstone course taught by two faculty and organized around a theme, such as vaccines, AIDS, drug abuse, obesity, etc. Students will analyze current literature on the topic from the perspective of their own majors and will collaborate to develop a multidisciplinary understanding of the theme.
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