The Health Studies Multidisciplinary Minor

At Haverford, we value the intersection of public health with social justice, and this new course of study enables students to approach these issues with greater knowledge and understanding.

The goal of the Health Studies minor is to give greater context to the issues facing health professionals on local, national, and global scales. The structure of this program is intentionally multidisciplinary, bringing scientists together with social science and humanities professors to guide students through the political, cultural and ethical questions that relate to health issues worldwide.

The minor is a perfect complement to a more traditional science major, especially for those students planning to go into medicine, nursing, physical therapy, psychotherapy and other clinical fields. However, it is also designed to give scientific context to students of the social sciences and humanities who are interested in policy, economics, health care management, health education, medical narratives and more.

The Health Studies Multidisciplinary Minor started in the spring of 2014, with the Class of 2016 our first to take advantage of this unique program. This is a Bi-College minor, and courses will be taught by Haverford College and Bryn Mawr College faculty across many disciplines.

Faculty at Haverford

  • Kaye Edwards - Independent College Programs, Health Studies Director
  • Richard Ball - Economics
  • Kimberly Benston - English
  • Susan Benston - English
  • Frances Blase - Chemistry
  • Louise Charkoudian - Chemistry
  • Rebecca Compton - Psychology
  • Robert Fairman - Biology
  • Andrew Friedman - History
  • Seth Gillihan - Psychology
  • Michael Grider - Biology
  • Darin Hayton - History
  • Matthew Kavanagh - Political Science
  • Mary Ellen Kelly - Psychology
  • Kristin Lindgren - Writing Program
  • Lisa McCormick - Sociology
  • Zolani Ngwane -Anthropology
  • Justine Melo - Biology
  • Philip Meneely - Biology
  • Weiwen Miao - Mathematics and Statistics
  • Zachary Oberfield - Political Science
  • Judith Owen - Biology
  • Iruka Okeke - Biology
  • Christopher Roebuck - Anthropology
  • Carol Schilling - Independent College Programs
  • Sarah Shuman - Independent College Programs
  • Terry Snyder - Librarian of the College
  • Jill Stauffer- Peace, Justice and Human Rights
  • Michele Taylor - Independent College Programs
  • Thomas Wadden - Psychology
  • Shu-wen Wang - Psychology

Affiliated Faculty at Bryn Mawr

  • Melissa Pashigian - Anthropology, Health Studies Advisor
  • Kalala Ngalamulume - History