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Haverford College
Health Services

About Us: Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is a student run organization founded in the spring of 1984 with the aid of Student Council. Its purpose is to act as a liaison among students, student government, and student health services regarding issues which impact student health and to educate members of the Haverford community regarding health issues.

The Student Health Advisory Committee aims to promote healthy lifestyles, prevent injury and disease, and assure the safe delivery of quality health services to all Haverford College students. In pursuit of these objectives, the committee will inform the student body of existing community resources, involve them in the establishment of additional services, and enhance communication and the sharing of information between college health professionals and students. SHAC will report, as appropriate, to the student body on health policies, resources, priorities, and changed conditions. The committee, in conjunction with existing College resources, will make substance abuse, nutrition, sexual health, mental health, wellness, the spread of sickness, and access to medical care and vaccinations core parts of its agenda.

In addition to promoting talks and clinics held by the health center, we are in charge of the following specific events and programs:

  • Bi-annual Red Cross Blood Drive
  • Free condom distribution program
  • Flu-prevention campaigns
  • STD-prevention campaign
  • Dining Center cookbook
  • Health Fair participants

For more information or to express interest in joining, please contact: