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Haverford College
Health Services

Health Services: About Us

Morris Infirmary

Health Services is located in Morris Infirmary (#13 on the Campus Map).

Education/Wellness Promotion • Quality Primary Health Care • Self Care/Prevention

Student Health Services provides health promotion, education and medical care to all registered students who have completed their medical records forms. Group education programs for peer education are available upon request.

The Mission of the Haverford College Health Services is three-fold:

  • to provide health information and education to encourage students to make healthy life style choices;
  • to provide quality primary health care to students;
  • to promote the personal and intellectual growth of students by encouraging self care/wellness for the maintenance of general health.

Haverford College Health Services has been accredited by the Ambulatory Association of Health Care since 1980; this is the first nurse practitioner-run clinic in Pennsylvania to receive this honor.