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Haverford College

Greening Haverford

Sustainable Campus Operations: Green Office Program

Become a Green Squirrel

Become a Green Squirrel

Want to make your office a little greener? Not quite sure how to go about it? The Committee for Environmental Responsibility (CER) has put together a green office program that'll guide your department in a sustainable direction. *

How it Works
  1. Download the Green Squirrel Checklist Word Document
  2. Decide if you want to go for the Silver, Gold or Green Squirrel.
  3. Fill out the checklist for the corresponding category.
  4. Email the following information and your completed checklist to Claudia Kent at
    Office or Department Name
    Number of People in the office/Department
    Percentage of "Buy In" **
    Name of Department Green Representative
    Representative's Email

Offices must complete every action on the checklist. E.g. If going for "Gold Squirrel," all actions must be completed in the silver as well as the gold category.

Students and new employees should be oriented to expectations of submitted document.

* The Green Office Program provides guidance to offices wanting to improve their environment. It also provides insight to CER on green practices on campus.

** Seventy five percent of the office/department needs to "buy in" to be eligible for a green office award. This includes faculty, staff and current student workers.

Who's Participating: