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Haverford College

Greening Haverford

Sustainable Campus Operations

Haverford College has a deep concern and respect for all communities of which it is a part, both social and ecological.

Our mission, therefore, is to educate our community towards an awareness of global concerns and to set a positive example of forward thinking, environmental stewardship for our campus and for other colleges to follow. To do this, Haverford College works to ensure that environmental concern is an integral part of Haverford College's daily life.

Please report instances of energy waste to the Office of Facilities Management (610-896-1100).

News & Updates

Inside Sustainable Campus Operations

  • Energy Conservation

    Energy Conservation

    We're calling upon our campus community to implement simple changes in energy utilization behaviors to positively affect operating costs and the environment while relieving some pressure on institutional resources.
  • Green Purchasing

    Green Purchasing

    Encouraging the purchase of green products, Haverford will set a positive example and play a significant role in the advancement of environmental stewardship on the campus and in the local and greater community.
  • Green Dining

    Dining Services

    Haverford College Dining Services is committed to providing the most environmentally friendly dining program possible and one that supports the Haverford College Community.