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Haverford College

Greening Haverford

Committee For Environmental Responsibility (CER)

Map of Sustainable Initiatives and Facilities on Campus

Our interactive map shows sustainable initiatives and facilities on the Haverford College campus.

The Committee for Environmental Responsibility (CER) was created by the students, faculty and staff of Haverford College and founded on the socially responsible principles of the college.

CER has a deep concern and respect for all communities of which it is a part, both social and ecological. Our mission, therefore, is to educate our community towards an awareness of global concerns and to set a positive example of forward thinking, environmental stewardship for our campus and for other colleges to follow. To do this, CER works to ensure that environmental concern is an integral part of Haverford College's daily life informing our curriculum, administrative decisions and maintenance of facilities and grounds.

For a quick overview, please see our Greening Haverford brochure.

News & Updates

Inside the CER

  • Major Initiatives

    Major Initiatives

    From The Sustainability Report Card to the College's Campus Master Plan, learn more about the CER's Major Initiatives.
  • Current Projects

    Current Projects

    Electric cards, carbon credit, and Recyclemania - learn more about the Current Projects.
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    Make a Suggestion

    We rely on community feedback! Please feel free to make a suggestion or leave a comment.