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Haverford's Annual Fund: Annual Fund Distribution

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Academic Enrichment 31%

Haverford students learn from and work with teacher-scholars in an intellectually rich and open environment, immersed in an ever-evolving process of learning and discovery. The curriculum is in spirited dialogue with other components of the "campus classroom," including the three academic centers and the libraries. These resources—along with every academic department—receive Annual Fund support.

Financial Aid 21%

We are committed to making Haverford affordable for all academically qualified students so that those most able to benefit from and contribute to our community may attend, regardless of their ability to pay. The Annual Fund helps underwrite the College's need-blind admission and no-loan financial aid policies. Fifty percent of students received College grant aid in 2011-2012.

Annual Fund Distribution Pie Chart

Campus and Facilities 20%

Haverford's campus is beloved by alumni, students, faculty and neighbors alike. It has long been noted for its Nature Trail, Duck Pond and 200 acres that contain more than 2,500 trees. The 70 structures built since the founding of the College are architecturally diverse yet share a simple elegance.The Annual Fund supports maintenance, grounds and housekeeping, upgrades and beautification.

Athletics 3%

Haverford is committed to the belief that team play, competitive sports and physical education are integral components of undergraduate education. Annual Fund support for athletics underwrites our teams, clubs, programs and activities, all of which foster a culture of intellectual, physical and personal development.

Student Life 12%

Trust, concern and respect—these are the core values of everyday daily life at Haverford. The Annual Fund supports extra-curricular programs, as well as resources and services that ensure that students are engaged in learning, doing and leading within a positive and supportive environment.

Community Support 13%

Administrative and operational areas of the College, including the president's and provost's offices, security, human resources and institutional advancement (IA), receive Annual Fund support. Last year, IA worked with donors who provided a total of $24,892,057 for the Haverford experience.

The chart above shows the distribution of the College's 2011-2012 operating budget. The Annual Fund benefits each area of operation on a proportional basis.