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Department of French
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Major and Minor Requirements

Major RequirementsMinor RequirementsRequirements for HonorsA.B./M.A. ProgramTeacher Certification

Major Requirements


Requirements in the major subject are:

  1. French and Francophone Literature: French 005-102 or 005-105; 101-102 or 101-105; French 212 or 260; French 213 (Qu'est-ce que la théorie?); three semesters of 200 level literature courses; two semesters of 300 level literature courses; and the two-semester Senior Experience. The Senior Experience is composed of Senior Conference in the Fall semester and, in the Spring semester, either a Senior Essay, written in the context of a third 300 level course, or a Senior Thesis. Both Senior Thesis and Essay include a final oral defense. For more details regarding the Senior Experience see HONORS AND THE SENIOR EXPERIENCE.
  2. Interdisciplinary Studies in French: French 005-102 or 005-105; 101-102 or 101-105; French 212 or 260; two 200 level courses within the French departments: e.g., French 255, 291 or 299; two 200-level courses to be chosen by the student outside the French departments (at HC/BMC or JYA) which contribute coherently to his/her independent program of study; French 325 or 326 (Etudes avancées de civilisation); two 300 level courses outside the French departments; and a thesis of one semester in French or English. (For further details concerning the thesis and the rest of the Senior Experience see HONORS AND THE SENIOR EXPERIENCE. below). Students interested in this option must present the rationale and the projected content of their program for departmental approval during their sophomore year; they should have strong records in French and the other subjects involved in their proposed program.
  3. Both concentrations: all French majors are expected to acquire fluency in the French language, both written and oral. Unless specifically exempted by the department, they are required to take French 212 or 260, or their equivalent. Students placed at the 200 level by departmental examinations are exempted from the 100 level requirements. Occasionally, students may be admitted to seminars in the Graduate School at Bryn Mawr.

Minor Requirements

Requirements for a French minor are French 005-102 or 005-105; 101-102 or 101-105; French 212 or 260; and four courses at the 200 and 300 levels. At least one course must be at the 300 level.

Honors and the Senior Experience

For the French and Francophone Literature concentration, after taking Senior Conference in the Fall semester of senior year students have two options for the Spring semester. They may write a thesis (30-40 pp.) under the direction of a faculty member. Or, they may write an essay (15-20 pp.) in the context of a 300 level course. The first option allows students who have already developed a clearly defined subject in the Fall semester to pursue independent research and writing of a thesis with a faculty supervisor. The second option offers students the opportunity to produce a substantial, but shorter, piece of research within the structure of their 300 level course in the Spring semester. This option will appeal, for example, to double-majors with another thesis or to pre-medical students. Departmental honors are awarded for excellence in the Senior Experience, whether it involves a Senior Essay or Senior Thesis, following the oral defense.

For the Interdisciplinary Studies in French concentration, students take French 325 or 326 in their senior year and, if they have not already done so, complete the two 300 level courses required outside the department. In the Spring semester they write a thesis in French or English under the direction of a member of the French faculty and a mentor outside the department. Departmental honors are conferred for excellence in the Senior Experience after the oral defense of the Senior Thesis.

A.B./M.A. Program

Particularly well-qualified students may undertake work toward the joint A.B./M.A. degree in French. Such a program may be completed in four or five years and is undertaken with the approval of the department and of the dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Bryn Mawr College.

Teacher Certification

The Department of French offers a certification program in secondary teacher education. For more information, see the description of the education program at Bryn Mawr College.