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Haverford College Parents

Audio/Video: Honor Code Discussion

Haverford College prides itself both on academic excellence and on fostering a unique community that allows for personal growth and meaningful interactions between students, faculty, staff, and the administration through a climate of trust, concern, and respect. This community is built around the Honor Code.

2011 Honor Code Webinar:

The 2011-2012 Honor Council Co-Chairs Jacob Axelrod '14 and Emma Richards '12 participated in an open webinar with parents to give them a sense of the Honor Code and its role in student life at the College. Read a letter from the freshman Honor Council representatives.

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2010 Honor Code Webinar:

Listen to the Honor Code webinar with the 2010-2011 Honor Council Co-Chairs Anna Brockway '12 and Emily Dix '12 below. The playlist below will allow you to either listen to the entire webinar, or choose the segment that most interests you. You may also read about the Honor Code in a letter written by Anna and Emily.

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