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Haverford College
Department of Fine Arts
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Disciplines : Photography

Interior Fort Gaines, Alabama, 2003. Image appears courtesy of the artist.
Photo from Unsung Hereos: And the American Vernacular Landscape

The purpose of photography instruction at Haverford is to allow students to develop a personal body of work using photographic materials.

A sequence of courses is offered from Foundation Photography for students with little or no knowledge to Advanced Photography in which students produce books and exhibitions. Emphasis is placed on producing photographs, which express both form and emotion through mastery of materials and acquisition of the intellectual and critical traditions of photography. The former is accomplished by technical critiques of student work in negative, digital and print formats. The latter is accomplished through reading and studying of the history of photograph, theory and criticism, photographic monographs and original prints.

The facilities for the study of photography include up to date and well-equipped darkrooms for chemical and digital photography. The photography book collection in Magill Library is one of the finest in the country. The photographic print collection contains over 5,000 original photographs. It is encyclopedic and contains works from Hill and Adamson at the dawn of the beginning of photography to contemporary works by Andres Serrano and Laurie Simmons. These exceptional resources support small classes that allow for personal attention and instruction from the professor and staff.