Apply for Haverford Exchange

For any questions about admissions or your application, please contact Donna Mancini, Dean of Global Affairs and Associate Dean of the College at

  1. Complete the Online Exchange Application Deadline: March 5
    For full-time, non-degree-seeking students entering in September.
  2. Send an official transcript, TOEFL test results, and a photocopy of your passport to:
    Office of the Dean of Global Affairs
    Chase 213, Haverford College
    370 Lancaster Ave.
    Haverford, PA 19041, USA

Additional Information

  • Review the grade conversions chart (pdf) to understand each university's grading system.
  • Once you receive your letter of acceptance from the Admissions Office, return your Honor Code pledge card to the Office of Admission.
  • Students must then complete the Declaration and Certification of Finances form and return it to the Registrar, Lee Watkins. Without this document, the Registrar cannot issue the I-20 form, which you need to obtain a student visa *. The form can be returned by mail or fax (610) 795-7966.
  • When you receive the I-20 form (the Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant Student Status), you can apply for your student visa.

* The Registrar creates the I-20 upon either receipt of the Finance Form or, more appropriately, getting a go ahead from the Dean of Global Affairs that finances are acceptable with both Exchange (for tuition) and payment of room, board, and fees. Once this information is given to the Registrar, he creates the I-20, prints two copies, takes both copies to Denise Allison, Director of International Students, who mails one of the two copies to the student by either Fed-Ex or DSL.