Event Promotion

The following policies and procedures are intended for on-campus event promotion. This information is also available as a PDF.

1. Get your event onto the Haverford campus calendar.

The earlier the better, but no later than three weeks in advance of the event if you would like the Office of College Communication's assistance promoting it.

To create a calendar listing, go to: haverford.edu/manage. Click the "events" tab at the top.

If you have problems creating your listing, contact webmaster@haverford.edu.

For questions or problems regarding reserving space for your event, contact:

Space/Reservation Type Contact Notes
Academic Reservations
during class times
James Keane M–F: 8:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
M/T: 7–10 p.m.
Academic Reservations
outside of class times
Susan Penn N/A
Music Spaces Nancy Merriam Union/Marshall
Library Dan Burger-Lenehan View Library Spaces
Multicultural Center Roxanne Clark MCC Schedule & Details
Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities Kerry Nelson Description of HCAH Spaces
CPGC Café Marlen Lofaro Café Hours & Details
Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery Matthew Callinan CFG Hours & Directions
Non-Academic Reservations & Guest Rooms Room Reserve Guest Room & Reservation Information
Athletic Spaces James Kenyon Indoor & Outdoor
View Facilities Schedule
Ryan Gym Lilly Lavner N/A

An effective calendar listing includes:

  • the date, location and time
  • a complete event description, including the name of the speaker, links to his/her affiliated institutions, a description of the topic or talk, and a speaker bio.
  • a good quality photo.
  • a CLEAR indication of whether the event is open to the public or to the campus community only.

If your listing is missing any or all of these things, it will be difficult for College Communications to provide assistance.

View a good example of a completed calendar listing »

2. Get your event listed in the "On-Campus Events" electronic newsletter.

The Office of College Communications emails this newsletter to subscribers in the local community twice a month during the school year. The information is culled from the Campus Calendar, thus it is important that the information in your listing is correct, complete and detailed.

Important: If you change the date or location of the event after the initial submission of the calendar listing you must contact rraber@haverford.edu to inform her of the change.

One of the key pieces of information we need to know to include it in the newsletter: Is the event open to the public? Events featured in the "On-campus Events" newsletter must be open to the public.

3. To inform the campus community of your event:

  • To reach faculty and staff, send the information to Daily Digest, our daily email announcement, at dailydigest@haverford.edu.
  • To reach students, send your information to the Weekly Consensus, published by Students Council secretaries. http://hav.to/wc.
  • Another way to reach students is to post a calendar listing on the Go! Board: hav.to/golisting.
  • To let the Bryn Mawr College community know about your event, email communications@brynmawr.edu for inclusion in the Weekly Insider email newsletter.
  • Another way to publicize your event it to make sure it appears on http://haverford.edu/events. If your event isn't listed and you have a complete calendar entry for an open to the public event, please fill out the Event Promotion Form: http://hav.to/eventform

4. To get your event into local media listings:

If your event is open to the public and you want to attract a wide audience, you may contact the free listings sections of local publications.

Please note that some of these sites may require you to register (for free) in order to submit an event listing. Please create your own departmental/center/organization's login. Here are several that allow you to fill out a web form to have the listing considered for inclusion:

5. For assistance getting further coverage for your event:

  • Given the dwindling resources of the news media, there are limited circumstances in which on-campus events would attract coverage by reporters at local or national media outlets. However, if you believe your event is of special interest, please send that information to hc-editor@haverford.edu for help reaching reporters and editors.
  • College Communications handles events coverage in a variety of ways, including writing short website news stories, Haverblog posts, Haverford College Facebook posts, tweets and Haverford magazine articles. If you believe your event will help us tell the Haverford story in a compelling way, send your information to hav.to/news. Note: College Communications isn't able to cover every story suggested.