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StudentsLibrary Sources at Magill Library:

Jeremiah Mercurio, the subject specialist for English Literature at Magill Library, is available to assist students with their research needs. He can be found every Wednesday in the Woodside Cottage Lounge from 1:30 to 2:30. He can also be reached by email:

English Literature : (Tripod) bibliography to indexes on-line of critical and scholarly research materials for literatures written in English.

Oxford English Dictionary Online

Guide to Documentation: a listing of sources for various kinds of documentation, MLA,, APA, Chicago, and electronic, etc.

Courses with Web Sites:

Stephen Finley: Remembrance and Mourning: Literature of the Great War,1914-1918 (see student work on Benjamin Britten's War Requiem).

Maud McInerney: Chaucer. The Dream Visions and Troilus and Criseyde; Legends of Arthur; Medieval Visions: Text and Image; Sex and Gender in the Middle Ages; and Apocalyptic Literature.

Rajeswari Mohan: Postcolonial Women Writers: The South Asian Instance

Debora Sherman: The Novel, Joyce & Beckett, Modern Irish Literature, On the Sublime and The Modernist Movement in Literature and Art, 1900-1920 (see student work on James Joyce's Ulysses)

Gustavus Stadler: 19th c. American Women's Narratives

Recommended Web Sites:

The following is a list of free resources on the Web; however, many important resources will be available only through subscription databases, to which the Library provides access. See the Library's English literature research guide for a list of these resources.

Literary Studies:
Voice of the Shuttle: Widely recognized as the most comprehensive site for Humanities Resources; contains listings both for general sites in the humanities, as well as comprehensive indexes for subjects such as women's studies; science, technology and culture; minority studies; media studies; literary theory; classical studies; cultural studies; and cyberculture. Also maintains links for fields related to the humanities such as libraries and museums; journals and zines; publishers and booksellers.

Literary Resources on the Net : Listings organized by period and by subjects, including theory; theater and drama; women's literature; ethnicity and nationalities; bibliography and the history of the book; hypertext and others.

Medieval and Early Modern Literature:
The Labyrinth: A rich Web portal to Medieval-studies resources with links to databases, services, texts, and images from around the world.

WESSWeb's Medieval and Renaissance Page: An expansive directory of digital texts and images, reference tools, indices, and organizations related to the Western Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Shakespeare's World is comprised of two websites both maintained by Harry Rusche of Emory University:

Shakespeare Illustrated dedicated to the "literary paintings" of Shakespeare's work, which "demonstrate how profoundly painters, actors, directors and critics influenced one another and how interdependent they were in their critical interpretations, depictions and productions of Shakespeare's plays."

Shakespeare and the Players is focused exclusively on postcard commemorating the Shakespearean performances of Victorian and Edwardian actors.

Romantic Literature:
Romantic Circles : An important and scholarly resource, comprised of electronic texts, original and theoretical essays published on-line, a bibliography of other publications in Romanticism, announcements of conferences and events.

Romantic Literature : From the Voice of the Shuttle, a master index of sites in Romanticism.

Victorian Literature:
The Victorian Web: one of the master websites in literary studies, this site investigates Victorian cultural, social, intellectual and artistic life.

Victorian Literature : From the Voice of the Shuttle, a listing of websites in Victorian Literature

Victorian Women's Writers Project: transcribes and provides online access to the work of British women writers of the 19th century.

Monuments and Dust: The Culture of Victorian Literature : An on-line project which will contextualize the visual, statistical and textual histories of Victorian London; includes models of the Crystal Palace, Doré's London: A Pilgrimage, extracts from the Times, and from Henry Mayhew's London Labor and the London Poor, and mortality and population statistics.

Great War Websites: an introduction to and evaluation of the many and varied Web sites constructed around the events of World War I.

Modern and Contemporary Literature :

Modern Literature (British and American): From the Voice of the Shuttle, a comprehensive listing of websites in modern literature, both British and American to 1945.

Contemporary Literature : Listings of websites in British and American literature post-1945 from the Voice of the Shuttle.

American Literature:

Crossroads, The American Studies Web: a comprehensive indexing maintained at Georgetown University of the various categories which fall under the rubric of "American Studies," including: American Studies; Community Studies; Diaspora, Colonialism and Post-Colonialism; Economy; Education; Environmental Studies and Nature; Folklore and Anthropological Studies; Frontier and Borderlands Studies; Gender, Sexuality, and the Body; Government, Politics and Current Affairs; History and Historical Culture Studies; Literature and Text Studies; Material Culture; Museum Studies; Music and Performance; Nationalism and Postnationalism; Philosophy; Popular Culture and Media Cultures; Race, Ethnicity, and Identity; Regional Studies; Religion and Religious Cultural Studies; Science and Technology; Social Movements and Sociological Studies; Teaching and Learning; Theory and Methodology; Visual Culture;War and Imperialism;Working Class and Labor Studies.

The link to "Literature and Text Studies" indexes various authors by period in 19th and 20 century American poetry and prose, as well as more general literary subjects such as Culture Studies; Race & Ethnicity; Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Studies; Transgendered Literature, Women's Literature, etc.

African American Women Writers of the 19th Century: the digital Schomberg African American Women Writers archive.

Making of America: a digital library of primary documents (books, pamphlets, journals) from 19th-century American social history. It has strong holdings in literature as well as religion, psychology, and the sciences, and is a joint undertaking of the Cornell University Library and the Library of the University of Michigan.

Perspectives in American Literature: a Table of Contents divided by "chapters" in American Literature, bibliographies, biographies, and appendices for diverse thematic issues.

Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History Guide to the Web: a resource for African, African American and African Diaspora history and culture; includes over 600 sites, "topics covered range from the underground railroad to hip hop music."