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Both of the following are possible forms of documentation for the essay written in English. Please be consistent, however, in following the practices of one or the other. Students completing the senior essay in English should consult with their advisor prior to selecting a specific form of documentation for the essay.

MLA Style [From the Writer's Handbook, University of Wisconsin] MLA style describes documentation in the humanities and related disciplines.

Chicago Style [From the Writer's Handbook, University of Wisconsin] For essays requiring footnotes and endnotes, rather than any form of parenthetical citation.

Citing Electronic sources:

MLA style [From the Writer's Handbook, University of Wisconsin]

Chicago/Turabian style [From Andrew Harnack and Eugene Kleppinger, Online! A reference guide to using Internet sources (Bedford/St.Martin's Press, 2001)]

Writing the Essay

Harvard University's Writing Tools offers a set of links which index and precisely describe the process of preparing the argumentative essay, from the close, critical reading of an assignment to editing the final essay.


See "Plagiarism" on the Writing Center's resources page for a delineation of what constitutes plagiarism and how it can be avoided through the correct citation of secondary materials.

See also the Library's Citation Guide for links to citation handbooks, citation managers and builders, and additional information.