Syllabus/English 205: Legends of Arthur




Jan 18


Jan 20

Making History: Romance of Arthur I, II. Winston Churchill, "The Birth of Britain" (packet).

Jan 25

Celtic Connections: Culhwch and Olwen (RA III), Dream of Rhonabwy (packet)


Jan 27

Much Ado about Merlin: Geoffrey of Monmouth (RA IV), Prose Merlin and Suite du Merlin (RA XIV)


January 28

Bibliography exercise due (2-3 pages)

February 1

Chretien de Troyes: Yvain


February 3

Chretien, Erec and Enide


February 8

Chretien, The Knight of the Cart


February 10

Critical readings on The Knight of the Cart (packet)


February 15

Chretien, Perceval


February 17

Critical readings on Perceval (packet)


February 22

Chastity Tests: The Saga of the Mantle (RA IX); The Lay of the Horn (packet)


February 24

Marie de France: Lanval (packet), Chievrefueil (RA XI)


March 1

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight I -II (RA XVI)


March 3

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight III-IV (RA XVI)


Spring Break




March 15

Other Gawains: The Mule without a Bridle, The Knight of the Sword (packet)


March 17

The Wedding of Sir Gawain (RA XVII); Froissart, from the Chronicles (packet).


March 18

Paper Due on Medieval Text: 4-6 pages

March 22

The Alliterative Morte Arthur (RA XIX)


March 24

Sir Thomas Malory: Caxton's Preface; Books I-III (1-101); John of Salisbury, from the Policratus (packet).


March 29

Malory: Book VI (The Tale of Sir Lancelot )and Book VII (The Tale of Sir Gareth) (175-275)


March 31

Malory: The Holy Grail: Book XIII chs i-viii (655-664); xvii-xx (682-689); Book XIV; Book XVII (744-783)


April 5

Malory: Books XVIII and XIX (Lancelot and Guenevere)


April 7

Malory: Books XX and XXI (The Morte Arthur)


April 12

Tennyson, The Idylls of the King: Dedication, The Coming of Arthur, Gareth and Lynette, Merlin and Vivien


April 14

Idylls of the King: Lancelot and Elaine, Guinevere, The Passing of Arthur, Epilogue: To the Queen


April 15

Paper Due on Contemporary Text: 4-6 pages

April 19

T.S. Eliot, The Wasteland


April 21

The Wasteland


April 26

Robertson Davies, The Lyre of Orpheus 1-6 (pp741-985)


April 28

The Lyre of Orpheus 7-8 (pp986-1136)


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