Paper # 1: The Medieval Tradition

English 205
Legends of Arthur

Your first paper for this class should be essentially a close reading of a specific image, concept, or passage from one or perhaps two of the texts we have read up until this point. You may, of course, use any of the criticism we have read to provide you with avenues of entry to these texts, but this is not necessary. What is necessary is that you unpack your chosen text/texts as completely as possible, and that you develop a clear and coherent argument about what your text(s) are doing. If you choose to deal with more than one text, remember that a comparative paper must justify the comparison it is making and draw a conclusion from it.

Below is a list of general topics which may help you to choose the text(s) you wish to work with. You may develop a topic of your own if you clear it with me first. Your paper will be 4-6 pages long, and it is due March 18.

Remember that whatever topic you choose, your task is to read closely rather than to generalize. Your thesis and argument must develop out of the text and be supported by careful analysis. If you want to deal with only a few paragraphs or a single scene from a given text and really give it the treatment, go right ahead.

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