Studies in the Landscape of Autobiography



This work in progress embraces (at present) the study of five authors, interrelated by numerous actual

(and sometimes surprising) connections and by the theoretical armature of the project

itself. There is a Scottish cluster and an Oxford cluster, and Ruskin is the bridge between

them. The following gives the current shape of a table of contents:


Introduction: Ida's Wood


1. Sir Walter Scott

a. Scott and the Tangled Web of Marmion

b. Scott's Journal


2. The Elian Remnant: Charles Lamb's Poetry of Things


3. John Ruskin

a. Scott, Ruskin, and the Landscape of Autobiography

See the published essay: "Scott, Ruskin, and the Landscape of Autobiography,"
Studies in Romanticism, 26 (Winter 1987): 549-72.

b. Ruskin and Mimic Engineering

See the published essay: "Ruskin and Mimic Engineering," Nineteenth-
Century Literature
, 44 (September 1989): 201-14.

c. Completing Praeterita

A first version of this chapter was given at "Giving Voice to Modern Painters:
John Ruskin--His Life and Times," Symposium, The Santa Fe Opera
and St. Johnís College, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 29-30 July 1995


4. John Henry Cardinal Newman

a. Newman, The Snapdragon, and Natural Theology

See the published essay: "Newman, The Snapdragon, and Natural Theology,"
ELH, 57 (1990): 151-73.

b. Intimacy and Death in Tractarian Autobiography

An earlier version of this chapter was presented to the Seminar
of the Centre for the Study of Literature and Theology,
University of Durham, England, 16 May 1991.


5. Edward Pusey and the Mortal Family


Further notes about the topic of Self-Topography (link in progress)