Landscape Gardens, Gardening, and Flowers

Were there world enough and time, I would gladly reinvent myself in later middle age as a cultural historian of the English landscape, and most particularly of the development of the English garden. My earlier interest in the biblical "figures of landscape" has taken two directions, one more intently toward the autobiographical inscriptions of the self in locality (see Self -Topography), and the other toward what can be enjoyed and nurtured, practically, with limited means, in gardens where flowers actually grow, and bloom, and die. Much of the last decade, wherever vacation time allowed, has been spent in touring and photographing gardens, in the collecting and study of garden books, from simple tour guides and memoirs to technical histories of specific garden eras or styles, and in the planting and caring for a small but I hope select collection of dahlias. Follow the links below to find out more about these interests.

The English Landscape Garden
--notes and a gallery of photographs (in progress)

The 20th Century English Flower Garden (in progress)

Dahlias in the Finley Garden