Dahlias in the Finley Garden

These photographs were taken in the meadow garden on Lawson Avenue, Havertown, PA, during September 1996 and September 1997.


The dahlia, "Lillian"

The dahlias, "Lillian" and "Goff I (Gold)," grown together

The dahlia, "Kelvin Floodlight"

Close-up of "Kelvin Floodlight"

"Kelvin Floodlight" (26 September 1997)

The dahlia, "Goff I (Gold)"

Close-up of "Goff I (Gold)" (26 September 1997)

The dahlia, "Goff II (Pink)"

Close-up of "Goff II (Pink)"

Another close-up of "Goff II (Pink)"

The dahlia, "Perfection" (26 September 1997)

Another of "Perfection," early morning light

The dahlia, "Lilac Time"

Close-up of "Lilac Time"

The dahlia, "Cuisse de nymphe"

Close-up of "Cuisse de nymphe"

The dahlia, "Christine"

The dahlia, "Arabian Night"

The dahlia, "Wittem"

The dahlia, "Ludwig Helfert"

Garden scenes:

Gladioli in the meadow

The garden, looking southeast

The garden, looking west to the terraces