Nature's Covenant: Figures of Landscape in Ruskin (Penn State University Press, 1992)

This book is, essentially, a reading of the works of John Ruskin, including his neglected poems and early prose writings. In it I tried to bring about a fresh awareness of his career as an interpreter of landscape, and to conceive of landscape as a filter of human meaning, a resourceful and varying construction of social, aesthetic and theological significance. The book studies the correlation in Ruskin's work between the Reformed theology of his religious tradition and the Romantic poetics of literature that he sought to practice over a very long and eventful life. I tried here to reconstruct the particular hermeneutic of landscape that Ruskin developed, a vision of the natural world that depended equally upon an Romantic/evangelical renovation of heart and eye and a remarkable articulation of the typology of nature. Ruskin's own theoria., or contemplation of nature's text, the full-scale development of which takes place in Modern Painters II, is revealed and explored, inviting renewed understanding of works in his canon both early and late, especially of certain chapters of such often neglected works as Fors Clavigera, St. Mark's Rest, and Deucalion. In reading his childhood sermons, in particular, and in attempting to connect his early religious training with his reading of the sacred meanings of natural scenes, I hoped here to turn away from the too habitual secular responses to his work, and by recovering the actual text of his manuscript Diaries, to regain the lost theological emphasis of his critical writing. But I would not wish to emphasize unduly this religious element, for in my commitment to considering his faith within the circle of his romantic influences, Nature's Covenant is also a book about Victorian romanticism, sharing in the current revaluation of Wordsworth's later career, and in renewed scholarly attention to Sir Walter Scott.

Table of Contents:

Introduction***** 1. The House of the Interpreter *****2. The Word and the Church
3. The Poetry of Nature *****4. A Fellowship of Blindness *****5. The Covenant of Life
6. Heavenly Hopes*****
Conclusion: The Typology of Atonement

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