Eng. 263: 19th Century American Women's Narratives


The Course
Key Words



Week 1 9/3 Introduction

Part I: Uncle Tom's Cabin: Everybody's Protest Novel (?)


Lydia Maria Child, "An Appeal on Behalf of the Class of Americans Called Africans"; "Women's Rights"

Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom's Cabin,chaps. 1-6

Week 2 9/10

Stowe, UTC, chaps. 7-14


Stowe, UTC, chaps. 15-20

Week 3 9/17

Stowe, UTC, chaps. 21-32

Video presentation on later stage and film versions of UTC (in class)


Stowe, UTC, chaps. 33-end(paper due)

Part II: Seduction, Sex, and the Nation

Week 4 9/24 Susannah Rowson, Charlotte Temple, vol. I
  9/26 Rowson, Charlotte Temple, vol. II (paper due)
Week 5 10/1 Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet letter, "The Custom-House" and chaps. 1-12

Hawthorne, TSL, chaps. 13-end

Screening of The Scarlet Letter (dir. Roland Joffe, 1998)

Week 6 10/8 Finish discussion of novel and film (paper due)
  10/10 Fern, journalism, and Ruth Hall preface-chap. 24
Week 7 10/22 Fern, Ruth Hall, chap. 25-58
  10/24 Fern, Ruth Hall, chap. 59-end (paper due)
Week 8 10/29 Harriet Jacobs,Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, preface-chap. 11
  10/31 Jacobs, Incidents, chap. 12-25
Week 9 11/5 Jacobs, Incidents, chap. 26-end (paper due)

Part III: Becoming Modern Women


Louisa May Alcott, Little Women, chaps. 1-9

Barbara Sicherman, "Reading Little Women: The Many Lives of a Text"

Week 10 11/12

Alcott, Little Women, chaps. 10-23

Screening of Little Women (dir. Gillian Armstrong, 1994) [part I]


Alcott, Little Women, chaps. 24-34

Screening of Little Women (dir. Gillian Armstrong, 1994) [part II]

Week 11 11/19 Alcott, Little Women, chaps. 35-end (paper due)
  11/21 NO CLASS
Week 12 11/26 Henry James, Daisy Miller
  11/28 Kate Chopin, The Awakening, chaps. 1-21
Week 13 12/3 Chopin, The Awakening, chaps. 22-end (paper due)
  12/5 Pauline Hopkins, Contending Forces, preface-chap. 4
Week 14 12/10 Hopkins, Contending Forces,chaps. 5-11
  12/12 Hopkins, Contending Forces, chap. 12-end (paper due)
    Final paper due first day of exams.