Week 1 Introduction
Week 2 Longinus, "On the Sublime" [packet]
Burke, from A Philosophical Inquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and the Beautiful [packet]
Kant, from the First Book, "Analytic of the Beautiful," from the Second Book "Analytic of the Sublime" in the Critique of Judgement [packet]
Schlegel, from Critical Fragments; from Athenaeum Fragments; from "On Incomprehensibility" [packet]
Lyotard, from Lessons on the Analytic of the Sublime, Chapter 2

Week 3
Burke, from The French Revolution [packet]
Eagleton, from Heathcliff and the Great Hunger [packet]
Weiskel, "The Logic of Terror" [packet]
Cresap, "Sublime Politics: on the uses of an aesthetics of terror" [packet]
Hertz, "Medusa’s Head: Male Hysteria under Political Pressure" [packet]
Weeks 4, 5, 6 Wordsworth, in Romantic Poetry and Prose
The Lucy Poems
"Lines Composed a Few Miles AboveTintern Abbey"
"Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood"
The Prelude, Books I, II, VI, XII, XIV
Weiskel, "The Ethos of Alienation: Two Versions of Transcendence" [packet]
Hertz, "The Notion of Blockage" [packet]
De Man, "The Rhetoric of Temporality" [packet]
Fry, from The Poet’s Calling in the English Ode [packet]
Week 7 Shelley, in Romantic Poetry and Prose
"Ode to the West Wind"
"To a Skylark"
"Mont Blanc"
Richardson, "Romanticism and the Colonization of the Feminine" [packet]
Ross, "Romantic Quest and Conquest" [packet]

Week 8
Keats, in Romantic Poetry and Prose
"Ode to Psyche"
"Ode to a Nightingale"
"Ode on a Grecian Urn"
"To Autumn"
Letters (In Romantic Poetry and Prose)
Weiskel, "Absence and Identity in the Egotistical Sublime" [packet
Week 9 & 10 Mary Shelley, Frankenstein
Blanchot, The Writing of the Disaster
Lyotard, "Answering the Question: What is Postmodernism?" [packet]
Lyotard, from Lessons in the Analyltic of the Sublime, Chapter 7

Weeks 11 & 12
Proust, Time Regained ; selections from the other books of Remembrance of Time Past [handout]
Freud, "The ‘Uncanny’" [packet]
Benjamin, "The Image of Proust" [packet]

Week 13
Woolf, To the Lighthouse
Lyotard, from Lessons in the Analytic of the Sublime, Chapter 9

Requirements: thoughtful and sustained participation in the seminar; a seminar project that will run concurrantly with the seminar and will result in a lengthy scholarly essay of 15-25 pages or a work--creative or critical--of similar weight and consequence.

**Students with accomodations granted under ADA are encouraged to meet with the professor in order to make different aspectsof the course that might be problematic as "accessible" as possible.