Glorifying the Wilderness: The Hudson River School of Landscape Painting; Art and Nature: The Hudson River School; Hudson River School from Artchive with links to specific painters such as Church, Cole, Inness and Moral, and Hudson River School from Crossroads, the website for American studies, are all are concerned with this important American school of painting; Frederic Church is the official site run by from Olana, his home on the Hudson, for one of the most important painters from this school.

Sublime Nature in the US Capitol looks at how the Sublime informed both ideas about the American "wilderness" and American identity.

Four sites specific to the painter J.M.W. Turner are: J. M. W. Turner; Joseph Mallord William Turner on the Internet includes links to works in various museums; Joseph Mallord Turner (1775-1851): An Overview from the Victorian Web, including Ruskin's aesthetic theories as they derive from and inform Turner's work; Joseph Mallord Turner (1775-1851: The First Impressionist, a biography of the painter, with additional links under Resources; J. M. W. Turner - English Romantic Art has specific histories of certain well-known paintings.

The Illustrating Traveler: Adventure and Illustration in North America and the Caribbean 1760-1895: an exhibit from the Bienecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale, describes in part how such ideas as the "picturesque" and the "sublime" informed travel illustration through the 18th and 19th centuries.

Witnessing the Unthinkable: A Meditation on Film and Nuclear Sublime : textualizing the "unthinkable" as a form of the sublime.