General Sites on the Sublime

The Sublime on the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy; entering the term "sublime" into the search engine brings up 8 different entries, ranging from Aristotle, Burke and Hume to "the laws of nature", tragedy, and French Deism.

The Sublime a definitional entry from XRefer, the on-line site of the Oxford Companion to Philosophy

The Sublime: An Overview A comprehensive reading of the sublime in various contexts from The Victorian Web, including links to, among others, "Sublimity as Objective (Size)"; "Sublimity as Subjective (Experience)"; "Characteristic 'Motifs': Mountains, Deserts, Ruins, Natural Energies"; and "Cultural Relations" to literature, religion, technology, political and social contexts, ideas of gender, etc., as well as to such figures as Burke, Wordsworth, and Turner.

Contexts--The Sublime : an overview of sources for literary and aesthetic ideas of the sublime in Milton, Burke, and early Romanticism.

Sublime Anxiety: The Gothic Family and the Outsider: an exhibit from the University of Virginia Library which explores the Gothic novel from Bronté to Anne Rice and Edward Gorey; sensationalism; and the aesthetics of terror as a form of the Sublime.

The Sublime : indexes 18th c. authors such as Anne Radcliffe and Christopher Smart ("On his cat Jeoffrey"); asks whether the Romantic sublime is the culmination of 18th c. notions of "sensibility".

The Supernatural and the Sublime examines Gothic terror as "numinous".

The Sublime and the Domestic: Structures of Mediation in the Gothic : an indexing of related work on the Sublime from Burke, Freud's "The 'Uncanny'" to Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, "Towards the Gothic: Terrorism and Homosexual Panic."


Romantic Literature

Romantic Circles : An important and scholarly resource, comprised of electronic texts, originl and theoretical essays published on-line, a bibliography of other publcations in Romanticism, announcements of conferences and events.

Romantic Links, Electronic Texts and Home Pages : A comprehensive indexing of websites in Romanticism, including general literary resources, associations and journals, general sources in Romanticism, links to individual authors, and links to the homepages of Romantics scholars.

Romantic Literature
: From the Voice of the Shuttle, a master index of sites in Romanticism.

The Gothic Literature Page
: An enthusiast's site, with links to bibliographies, critical sources, online texts and resources, and special sections on Ann Radcliffe and the Graveyard Poets.


Mary Shelley

Frankenstein Exhibit Home Page A very remarkable site developed for an exhibit sponsored by the National Library of Medicine at the National Institute of Health comparing Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to contemporary interests in cloning. The site richly contextualizes the novel both in a cultural and historical context, as well as in terms of the science of its time. It offers as well a close reading of the text, chapter-by-chapter, and a history of its influence, from the many films made of the novel to such later cultural manifestations as the "Electric Frankie Doll" and Dolly the sheep.

Mary Shelley and Frankenstein An excellent site with an indexing to various subjects of interest such as "Who made the first monster?", "Mary Shelley and Knowledge," "the Life of Mary Shelley",""Percy Bysshe Shelley," "The Summer of 1816," "Literary Sources of Frankenstein," etc. Also contains the best links to other sites for Frankenstein.