Jan. 23


Jan. 25

Lecture on Irish history to the 18th c.


Anonymous Love Lyrics of the 15th and 16th c.; Dreams of Love & Freedom (18th c. Political Aislings) [packet]

Feb. 1-6

Jonathan Swift: "A Proposal for the Universal Use of Irish Manufacture"(1720); "A Letter to the Whole People of Ireland" [Drapier's Letter IV] (1724); "A Modest Proposal" (1729); from "Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift" (1731); Swift's Will (1745); Yeats, "Swift's Epitaph" (1931) [packet]

Feb. 8

Edgeworth, Castle Rackrent; Robert Emmet, from Speeches from the Dock ;Joyce, conclusion to Chapter 11, "Sirens" from Ulysses [packet]


The Famine, "Documents" [packet]; Greenblatt, "The Potato in the Materialist Imagination" [packet]

Feb. 19

ESSAY due at 5:00 pm

Feb. 20

Douglas Hyde, "The Necessity for De-Anglicising Ireland" [packet]; Cairns and Richards, "An Essentially Feminine Race" [packet]

Feb. 21-March 1

Yeats, Selected Poems & Four Plays

March 6-8

Synge, The Aran Islands; "Playboy of the Western World" in Harrington, Modern Irish Drama; Fintan O'Toole, "Going West: The Country Versus the City in Irish Writing" [packet]

March 9-19


March 20

Finish Yeats & Synge

March 22-29

Joyce The Dead; Chapter 12, "Cyclops" from Ulysses [packet]

April 2

ESSAY due at 5:00 pm

April 3-10

O'Brien, from The Poor Mouth; The Third Policeman

April 12

Beckett, Endgame; Deane "Silence and Eloquence" [packet]

April 17-19

Behan, Borstal Boy

April 24-May 1

Contemporary poetry of Heaney, Mahon, in Crotty, Modern Irish Poetry; Ni Dhomhnaill, "Why I Choose to Write in Irish" [packet]

May 3

Friel, "Translations" in Harrington, Modern Irish Drama;Kinsella, "The Divided Mind": [packet]

May 4

ESSAY due at 5:00 pm

May 12

FINAL EXAM for SENIORS due by 5:00 pm

May 18

FINAL EXAM for all other classes due by 5:00 pm

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