There are an extraordinary number of sites on the web which concern Joyce and his works. Of these the
following are both significantly scholarly while still serving as an introduction for the beginning student
into the difficulties of the work:

Work in Progress: A James Joyce Home Page

Highly recommended for its biographical, historical and critical information; an extensive
bibliography, maps of Dublin, images and sound files; and extensive links to other sites
for Joyce.

James Joyce

A good introductory page to Joyce, his life and his work.

The Pomona Joyce Web Page

(The Quincunx: James Joyce at Pomona College)

"The most Joycean page on the Web" (according to the Index for Web Sites in Modernism)
for its protean and complex energies of design; contains a modified hypertext version of the
Evening Telegraph of June 16, 1904.

The Brazen Head

A very comprehensive site which includes an introduction to Joyce; an annotated critical
bibliography; a link to images and musical selections related to Joyce; a series of famous
quotations by and about Joyce; and links to scholarly work.

Bronze by Gold: James Joyce and Music

A site which looks to references and allusions to Joyce's work in Classical and Avant-Garde
music (John Cage, Luciano Beris, Samuel Barber) and Popular, Folk, Jazz and Traditional
music (Kate Bush, Syd Barrett, Van Morrison, the Pogues, Lou Reed).

James Joyce Resource Center

This site includes a biography, bibliography and maps, as well as extensive critical
bibliographies divided into such categories as biographical, Marxist, psychoanalytic,
feminist,historical/postcolonial, structuralist and poststructuralist, and semiotic. Joyce does
not appear, however, under an umbrella in Caillebotte's "Rainy Day in Paris" as the
(computer-adapted) artwork suggests here!

The International Joyce Foundation

A comprehensive indexing to Joyce scholarship and Joyce sites on the Web; also the
informational site for the yearly International Joyce Symposium.

Archives of the New York Times: Joyce

Indexes contemporary and critical reviews of Joyce's work from 1918 on.

Ulysses Query Form ;Concordances-James Joyce

Will help you to locate all occurences of a particular word or phase in Ulysses and other

Ulysses for Dummies

. . .and to prove that you're not. When energies flag in reading this difficult work, there is
always this utterly simplistic and reductive reading of the text in which each chapter is
rendered as a single (animated) line drawing. An especial favorite is the scuttling crab for

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