Engl. 277
Spring 2000
Rajeswari Mohan


Films and Videos by South Asian Women



Gurinder Chadha, I'm British but...(1990); Bhaji on the Beach (1993);A Nice Arrangement (1991); Acting Our Age (1993); What Do You Call an Indian Who's Funny (1994)
Manjari Datta, Democracy in Crisis (1995)
Deepa Dhanraj, Something Like a War (1991)
Nisha Ganatra, Junky Punky Girlz; Drown Soda; Chutney Popcorn
Indu Krishnan, Knowing Her Place (1990)
Deepa Mehta, Sam and Me (1991); Fire (1996); Earth (1999)
Mira Nair, Mississippi Masala (1995); Kama Sutra (1996)
Pratibha Parmar, Memory Pictures (1989); Flesh and Paper (1990); Sari Red (1990); Khush (1991); A Place of Rage (1991); Warrior Marks (1993); The Colour of Britain (1994)
Gita Sehgal, Provoked Wife (1991)
Nandini Sikand, Don't Fence Me In (1991)
Sabiha Sumar, Where Peacocks Dance (1992);Who Will Cast the First Stone (1988)
Shabnam Virmani, When Women Unite: The Story Of An Uprising

This Page is still under construction. If you have information about films and videos not included in this list, or can add particulars such as dates and distributors' addresses to the titles already listed here, please contact me at rmohan@haverford.edu.

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