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Haverford College
Department of English

English Major Requirements

Details of the major:

English 298a and 299b, the two semester Junior Seminar in English; English 399b or "Senior Conference"; plus a minimum of seven additional courses in British, American and Anglophone literature. The program must include at least two courses in literature written before 1800, and at least two courses in English at the 300 level. The department will give major credit for a semester course in a foreign literature in the original language or for Comparative Literature 200.

Starting with the class of 2014, the major requirements will comprise of English 298a, 298J, and 299b, the two-semester Junior Seminar in English; English 399a and b or "Senior Conference"; plus a minimum of seven additional courses. The program should include courses across the spectrum of the department’s offerings  and evince the richness of an archive drawn from British, American, and World Anglophone literature. At least two courses must be in literature written before 1800 and two courses at the 300 level.

Admission to the major requires completion of two courses at the 200 level by the end of the sophomore year; one of these must be an "introductory emphasis'' course (a list of such courses will be issued each semester). English 150L may be presented in place of one 200 level course.

Final evaluation of the major program will center on written work and oral examinations conducted in the context of the work for English 399b. No more than four major credits will be awarded for work done beyond the tri-college community, whether abroad or in the U.S. The department does not offer a minor in English.

Courses taken in the Bryn Mawr English Department and the Swarthmore English Department may also be counted towards the major at Haverford.

Prospective Contacts

Students interested in the English major should feel free to contact the major student representatives listed below:

  • Jordan Nieusma '14 (
  • Kate O'Brien '14 (
  • Ryan Rebel '14 (
  • Josh Bucheister '14 (