English 294b A. Solomon
W 1:30-4 HU III


Advanced Fiction Writing

This course will explore the glorious art and stringent discipline of storytelling through a focus on the fundamental elements of fiction: character, plot and language. Students in the class will develop as readers, writers and hopefully write distinct and engaging short stories. The centerpiece of class meetings will be a workshop where students discuss their peers’ work and offer productive criticism. Students will also read a variety of canonical and contemporary published short fiction by authors such as Flannery O’Connor, Edward P. Jones, Junot Díaz, Sherman Alexie, John Cheever and Octavia Butler. Being present for workshop is a crucial part of the class. Those who expect to miss more than one meeting due to previously scheduled events should consider another course. The success of this course also depends on each student’s frequent and thoughtful participation.

The written requirements for this course are several brief exercises, written responses to the fiction we read and two completed stories, one of which will be revised again for a final project. Each student is required to meet with the professor to discuss his or her work at least once during the semester.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in taking the course, please submit a two to five-page sample of your best prose fiction as an attachment to Professor Asali Solomon, asolomon@haverford.edu by December 7th (the sample may be excerpted from a longer piece of writing). In your email, please be sure to mention your year. You will receive an email regarding the class in January.

*Enrollment is limited to 15 students.