Relics and Reliquaries


Reliquary of the Sandal of St. Andrew. Trier, Germany, 977-993. Cathedral Treasury. Gold, cloisonné enamel, precious stones. It contains relics of St. Andrew's sandal (as if you couldn't guess!). Source: Hans Holländer, Early Medieval Art (New York: Universe Books, 1974) p.164.



Limoges reliquary, mid-13th century. Gold with cloisonné enamel. Infuriatingly, I have been unable to find out what relics were kept in this one. Would you like to guess? Source: Marcel Aubert, The Art of the High Gothic Era (New York: Crown, 1965) p. 113.



Reliquary of St. Candide, 9th Century, from the Treasury of St. Maurice. Source: Historia Spécial, no. 46 (Juillet/Aout 1996).


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