Ottonian (early German) Crucifixes


Top left: Crucifix of Archbishop Gero, c. 970. Top right: Ringleheim Cricifix, c. 1000. Bottom left: Copper Crucifix, c.1000 (?). Bottom right: Silver Crucifix, c. 1007-8, Hildesheim. Reproduced from Hans Hollander, Early Medieval Art (New York: Universe, 1974) p. 167.


Ottonian Book Cover

Echternach Gospels, Trier 983-991. Hollander, p. 159.

Illuminated Manuscripts

Early thirteenth century crucifixion from the Psalter of Robert de Lindesey. Reproduced from J. Dupont and C. Gnudi, The Great Centuries of Painting (Cleveland: World Publishing, n.d.) p. 20.

Henry Bellechose, Crucifixion with Martyrdom of St. Denis, fifteenth century. Dupont and Gnudi, p. 147.



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