Courtly Love

Limbourg Brothers, Très Riches Heures de Jean, Duc de Berry. Ca. 1413-1416.

Jean de Berry, a younger brother of king Charles of France, was one of the most conspicuous consumers of his time. For more illuminations from the same period, check out the collection of the Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris.


The Minnesingers were Medieval German poets, who contributed to the development of the tropes of courtly love in the 13th and 14th centuries. This illumination comes from the Manessa MS, which contains both songs by and portraits of the minnesingers. The coat of arms Identifies the singer. Marcel Aubert, The Art of the High Gothic Era (New York: Crown 1963) 159.

Feeding Peacocks. Tacuinum sanitatis. MS Lat. n.a. 1673, f.71. Italian, 1390-1400. Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris. From the Medieval Woman Postcard Book, Bulfinch Prss.

Diana the Huntress. Louise de Savoie, Les Echecs Amoureux. MS. Fr. 143, f. 116, late 15th c. French. Bibiotheque Nationale, Paris.

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