Syllabus: Medieval Visions, Text and Image

Prof. Maud McInerney -- Spring 1998 -- Haverford College


M Jan 19

Introduction: discussion of expections, assignments, etc; Chaucer's "To Rosemounde."

W Jan 21

John, Revelations (packet); Camille, Glorious Visions, Intro. and Ch 1. Adams, Preface and Ch. I. First equiz must be completed before 2:00.

M Jan 26

Hildegard of Bingen, Scivias ( 8-38); Book of Divine Works (62-88); Causes and Cures (103-118); and please spend some time looking at and thinking about the 4 miniatures on the endpapers of the book. Camille, Ch. 2 (71-91).

W Jan 28:

Hildegard of Bingen, Symphonia (119-140); Correspondence: to Bernard of Clairvaux (153-156), Tengswich of Andernach (156-159), Guibert of Gembloux (175-177). Symphonia assignment due (ungraded).

M Feb 2

Dante, Inferno, Cantos I-XVII (71-179; you will probably find it helpful to read the Introduction as well as the notes to each Canto).

W Feb 4

Dante, Inferno, Cantos XVIII-XXIV (181-289). Second equiz must be completed before 2:00. Journals from RED group.

M Feb 9

Introduction to Middle English; Film: Second Shepherd's Play.

W Feb 11

York Play of the Crucifixion (BME 259-261); the Harrowing of Hell (packet). Third equiz must be completed before 2:00. Journals from GREEN group.

M Feb 16

Cloud of Unknowing (BME 132-140); Camille, Ch. 3

W Feb 18

Julian of Norwich, Revelations (packet). Journals from GOLD group.

M Feb 23

Adams, V, VI, X, XI.

W Feb 25

St Erkenwald (BME 201-214); Bynum, "Resurrection, Heresy and Burial" (packet).

F Feb 27

First paper (4-6 pages) due.

M Mar 2

Chaucer, portrait of the Prioress (General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, packet), Prioress's Tale (BME 306-315).

W Mar 4

Adams, XIII. Schoeck, "Chaucer's Prioress"; Biddick, "Genders, Bodies, Borders" (packet). RED




M Mar 16

Piers Plowman, Prologue and Passus 1-IV (packet).

W Mar 18

Piers Plowman, Passus V 1-104 (BME 143-148); V 105-200, VI and VII (packet). Fourth equiz must be completed before 2:00. GREEN.

M Mar 23

Piers, Passus VIII (BME 148-160); excerpts from IX-XIV (packet).

W Mar 25

Piers, excerpts from XV-XXII (packet). GOLD.

M Mar 30

Chaucer, The Parliament of Fowls; Camille, Ch. 4

W Apr 1

The Parliament of Fowls; Camille, Ch. 5. Fifth equiz must be completed before 2:00.

M Apr 6

Marie de France, Guigemar, Equitan, Le Fresne, Bisclavret, Lanval, Les Deus Amanz

W Apr 8

Marie, Yonec, Laustic, Milun, Chaitivel, Chevrefoil, Eliduc

F Apr 10

Second paper (4-6 pages) due.

M Apr 13

Chaucer, The Book of the Duchess ll. 1-709 (packet).

W Apr 15

Finish Book of the Duchess. RED

M Apr 20

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight I (BME)

W Apr 22

SGGK II (packet). GREEN

M Apr 27

SGGK III (packet); the Green Man.

W Apr 29

SGGK; Dinshaw, "Getting Medieval" (packet). GOLD

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