The Apocalypse is coming any day now... or is it? The following sites provide a variety of perspectives on the issue.

This is a very small and somewhat idiosyncratic selection of sites with apocalyptic or millenial themes. Please note that I hold no brief for any of the views expressed by these sites. some of which may be profoundly offensive to some people.



Boston University's Center for Millenial Studies includes a section on Apocalyptic dimensions of 9/11.

A scholarly collection of resources for the study of the book of revelation

PBS' Frontline produced an excellent program on the Apocalypse; at their site, you can see video clips and take a quiz on the Antichrist.

Washington Times article (April 6, 2002) on endtimes.


CHRISTIAN (NON-CATHOLIC) SITES is a site dedicated to "encouraging the Christian to know what he believes and why." Mindblowing graphics and sound.

Endtime Prophecies with very slick graphics and very mellow music.

The Watcher Website covers Endtime prophecy, conspiracy theories, UFO's and much more.

Eschatology at the Center for Reformed Theology (Calvinist)

Restoriing Prophetic vision Of the End Times Church includes a "reading" of the WTC attacks.

The Mark of the Beast

Rapture Pages

The Anti-Rapture Page

Tribulation News Network

End Times News Letter

Ross Taylor's Revelation Page and Revelation Artwork



For the connection between the Virgin Mary and Apocalyptic prophecy, see David Van Meter's site on Marian Apparitions and Catholic Apocalyticism.

The End-Days is an apocalyptic Catholic website including prophecies from the saints and advice on how to survive the Tribulation.

The official website of Nancy Fowler, a Catholic prophetess in Conyers, Georgia, who has received a series of apocalyptic (and other) revelations from the Virgin Mary.

End Times Prophecy: A Catholic Perspective

Apparitions of the Virgin

 Not apocalyptic at all but related to other themes we've been pursuing: Reliquaries for sale at Catholic Shopper.

A few more related to relics:: and and



The Hope: building the new Jerusalem today

The Messiah Complex (essay). is devoted to the builing of the Third Temple on Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Torah News Network (Jewish believers in Yeshua/Jesus)



From Le Monde (in French) an essay on apocalypicism and militant Islam

The Day of Wrath website.

Islamic Prophecy concerning the Second Coming of Christ and Mary, and also the False Christ

Afghanistan and the Taliban

Radio Islam



Nietzsche, The Antichrist

George W. Bush is the Antichrist

Have you seen this man?

Antichrist Bob

Harry Potter is the Antichrist

Gates of Hell

Antichrist Conspiracy

The Koran: Testimony of Antichrist



Religious Tolerance has a page on The End of the World and another on Doomsday Cults, as well as a link to the FBI's Megiddo Report. is particularly concerned with environmental apocalypses.

Astrology + Book of revelation explains ebola, 9-11 and lots of other stuff

 Experience the end virtually via the Apocalypse V MUD or at Twilight of the Apocalypse, an RPG.

Armageddon Books is your one-stop shopping spot for endtime reading

The Millenium Countdown Calendar

Escape 666 is a skeptical , pro-tolerance, anti-hypocrisy site; at least I think it is.

Ronald Reagan is the Antichrist?

The Skeptic Tank False Prophet Web Page Listing



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