English 201b: Chaucer, the Dream Visions and Troilus and Criseyde


Reading Assignments

Written Work

January 19

"The Complaint of Chaucer to his Purse" ; introductory remarks: how to read Middle English; how to use the Riverside Chaucer.

January 21

Lessons 1-5 on Teaching Yourself Middle English, from the Harvard Chaucer page; "Chaucer's Wordes unto Adam, His Owne Scriveyn" (RC 650); "Against Women Unconstant" (RC 657).

Turn in ME assignment.

January 26

Book of the Duchess 1-61. Excerpts from Romance of the Rose (packet).

January 28

Book of the Duchess 62-230. Eckhardt on genre (packet)

February 2

Book of the Duchess 231-485; complete online tutorial on The End of Europe's Middle Ages before this date.

Post a reaction to the tutorial on the Webforum. What did you learn or find expecially interesting?

February 4

Book of the Duchess 486-709

February 9

Book of the Duchess 710-1125

Equiz to be completed before class.

February 11:

Book of the Duchess 1126-1334

February 13

First critical response must be posted to Webforum by midnight tonight.

February 16

House of Fame I (1-508)

February 18

House of Fame II (509-1090)

February 23

House of Fame III (1091-1823):

Equiz to be completed before class

February 25

House of Fame III (1824-2155)

February 27

First short essay (Book of the Duchess or House of Fame) due by 5:00

March 1

Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy I-III; there are two translations of the Consolation on the WWW. Choose the one which most appeals to you. The University of Virginia has the 1902 translation by Cooper, which is a bit old fashioned. The "Wisdom Bible" translation by Sanford Beck is more poetic but maybe just a bit flaky.

March 3

Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy IV-V

March 6-14:

Spring Break; if you are a truly virtuous human being you will begin reading Troilus and Criseyde during the break.

March 15

Troilus and Criseyde I, 1-546

Equiz to be completed before class

March 17:

Troilus and Criseyde I, 547-1090

deadline to choose topic for research project

March 22

Troilus and Criseyde II, 1-595

March 24

Troilus and Criseyde II, 596-1096. Ovid, Heroides III, Briseis to Achilles

March 29:

Troilus and Criseyde II 1093-1755

March 31:

Troilus and Criseyde III 1-623

April 1:

Second critical response to be posted to the Webforum by midnight

April 5:

Troilus and Criseyde III 625-1365

April 7:

Troilus and Criseyde III 1366-1820

April 9:

Second short essay (Troilus and Criseyde) due by 5:00

April 12:

Troilus and Criseyde IV 1-805

Annotated bibliography for research project due

April 14:

Troilus and Criseyde IV 806-1700

April 19:

Troilus and Criseyde V, 1-636

April 21:

No class… McInerney away (and there was great rejoicing…)

April 23:

Research project due

April 26:

Troilus and Criseyde V, 637-1589

April 28:

Troilus and Criseyde V, 1590-1866

May 8

Final dealine for all work from Seniors: 5 PM

May 14:

End of semester; final exam due by 12 noon.

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