English 354: Remembrance and Mourning: Literature of the Great War

Stephen Finley

Haverford College

Fall Term 2001

This site serves as the initial page of the website for English 354: Remembrance and Mourning: Literature of the Great War. These linked pages covering numerous aspects of war and society in Europe and America during 1914-1918, and in the decade thereafter, enfold student contributions to the seminar sessions in 1997 and 1999.

The following list of links will take students and other interested readers through the layers of this site:


Course Materials for Fall 2001

List of Links to Great War Websites and Archives



The Death of Nature

Images of Women at Work, at War

Germany's Kaiser: A Rogue's Gallery

Maps and Topography

The Dead

Memorial Geography

The Newspaper War

Recruitment and War Bond Posters

Wounded Faces

Specific author studies:

Edmund Blunden Page

Vera Brittain's Testament: Photographs

Robert Graves Page

Wilfrid Owen Page

Isaac Rosenberg Page

Siegfried Sassoon Page

Student Seminar Projects

Tamara Belknap: Commemoration in the War Requiem with Britten and Owen

These links currently unavailable:

Brian Glass: Herbertson's "A Soldier's Face in a Starting Train"

Jonathan Radow: Landscape and Mateship: Australia in the Great War