Siegfried Sassoon


For a photo/portrait and for brief biographical information, see the following two sites, and note their appended links:

W.J. Bean's brief biography

Sassoon's life and works, a review

One of the most interesting sites on the web are the facsimile pages available of The Hydra: Journal of the Craiglockhart War Hospital. Sassoon and Owen both published work in this journal, and its publication has become one of the central foci of study, not least because Craiglockhart is ground zero for that particular intersection of poets, heroes, badly traumatized men and W.H.H. Rivers. See The Hydra.


The following student essays may be consulted:

Lament for the Lamenting: Siegfried Sassoon, by Maikel O'Hanlon

Peer commentary for O'Hanlon's essay, by Alex Lehr

On Sassoon's "Glory of Women," a commentary by Alex Lehr

Peer commentary for Lehr's essay, by Maikel O'Hanlon


Siegfried Sassoon's "Base Details," by Claire DeLano (1997)

Sassoon's Use of Irony in "Glory of Women," by Tomoe Kanaya (1997)