English 291a

T. Devaney
W 1:30 – 4 HU III

Introduction to Poetry Writing: A Workshop

This is a creative writing workshop focusing on poetry. Student work is the focus along with the analysis of selected readings. Students will write poems each week that respond to some of the principal genres of poetry. A final portfolio of revised work is required.

Course Requirements:
Class attendance; completion of assignments including but not necessarily limited to those described above, active participation in commenting on others' work; conferences with the instructor, and a final portfolio of work.

Enrollment is limited to 15 students. TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS COURSE YOU MUST SUBMIT 3-5 ORIGINAL POEMS OF ANY STYLE AND LENGTH. Submit your poems to Professor Devaney at Woodside Cottage, by 5/31 at the latest. Please note that all submissions must be typed or computer-printed, and that each page should be labeled with the author's name, year, e-mail address, and college; BMC students, please include campus mailbox number. Electronic submissions and handwritten submissions will NOT be considered. Submissions of less than three poems and late submissions will be considered only after submissions meeting the requirements have been considered. Be sure to include your email address, and the instructor will be in touch with you shortly before the start of fall term.